Break Though the Noise

Digital media, such as video, is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools in sales. The problem is, how do you break through all the digital noise and differentiate from your competition? Today, entrepreneurs and enterprise need to do more than produce digital content. The solution is the competitive advantage found in your customers story.

Emotionally Engaged Customers

Science is proving quickly that an emotionally engaged customer is more valuable than a satisfied one. Emotional connections beyond, being liked and trusted, are what now set certain brands apart. Research has shown that it is possible to measure and target the emotions that drive consumer behavior. At Story Connector we have found an emotional intelligence Story Science framework to do this is through stories that inspire desire to BUY. 

intrinsically motivated Employees

Story Connector is proud to team up with YouEQ. You've heard of IQ (intelligence quotient) to measure how smart you are. And probably EQ (emotional quotient) for how intelligent you are about emotions. But what about a quotient for intrinsic motivation? Your iMQ determines how you are best motivated from within and is the most powerful drive we can access. So, we designed a FREE personality test to get you started. There is no catch. Registration is instant and you get your results immediately. 


How We Tell Your Story

We have conducted significant research into the science of stories to create a process framework like none other. We first take a journalistic approach and listen to your story. From there, your story is carefully mined and honed for the most potent emotional impact. We then produce the story and train you to share it with the world. The entire process includes:

  • Story Discovery Session - Individual or group workshops.
  • Story Pitch - Like an elevator pitch, only more powerful because it has your story.
  • Video - Professionally produced and packaged as a digital asset.
  • EQ Pitch Training - Emotional intelligence skills to tell the story and increase sales.
  • EQ Culture Training - Helping employees connect with the story and live it.
  • Digital Footprint Audit - Recommendations on how to use your website and social media to share your story.
  • Monthly engagement package available.
  • See all our packages and pricing.

Our Guarantee

If after your first discovery session with our story guide, you do not experience the value of the Story Connector framework, we will completely refund your contract no-questions-asked.

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