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Death Defying Thought Leader

"Your son will be still born" was the words my mother heard from her Dr at Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg. She had already lost 5 children to miscarriages and was about to get the rollercoaster ride of a life time. At 2lbs 9oz I came out defying death and statements of death over me. This framed the theme of my life from the first time I took a breath. This also framed the love and sense of value I had as a child given by my mother. 

Diagnosed with childhood epilepsy I felt trapped in my own mind because of the medication I was on. It was during this time that one of the most profound limiting beliefs was communicated to me in grade 1. My teacher sat my mother and I down and stated "Don’t put any pressure on him to learn and don't expect your son to even achieve grade 7". The bar of expectation was set so low I could jump over it with one foot. This low expectation was affirmed by my war veteran father as he detached himself emotionally from us.

However my father had an uncanny ability to command a room simply by his presence and it was this leadership ability I learned to integrate into my personality later in school years. 

At a young age I was intrigued by my father's leadership ability but I also recognized there was a limit to his ability. I was hungry for relationship with men who thought clearly and could express themselves with a maturity and capacity that was empowering.  I was committed to building on skills that I saw my father had and excelling as a leader by finding others who were engaging life authentically with maturity skills.  

I have excelled in leadership rolls because of values I observed from others and adopted as my own. These values are core to me and have been the guiding frame work for my personal and professional relationships. 

This framework became the fertile soil in which my leadership abilities grew and gave me the opportunities to lead local non-profits and even take on executive leadership rolls. Not only did I surpass any expectations set on me in childhood but have also defied expectations as prominent thought leaders have come along side of me and heavily invested in me. 

I have had some very meaningful rolls in life leading people however while in some of those rolls I would regularly receive requests from people both in executive positions as well as other people, for me to help navigate their own inner personal chaos and guide them to solid ground. It was during this work that I realized that this is where and when I am most alive.

So I transitioned from the world of non-profit to business and have had some of the most extraordinary opportunities to express my greatest core belief.

My greatest core belief has come as a result of facing the deepest pain in my story.  I live and breathe to share this belief and make it a reality in others' lives. This core belief

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