Chris Friesen - founder & Chief Story Connector

Story Connector started with Chris Friesen recognizing that his story was hindering him from feeling like he fit in the corporate world. His journey to connect with his story revealed a powerful message within and the uniqueness he brings to the world because of of it. It was through discovering his own story that he connected with the emotional memory that has powerfully propelled him toward his purpose in this world. His purpose is to help everyone see how significant they are and that the power of that significance is found in their story. 

Through various speaking engagements, Chris quickly that business owners did not know how to use their personal stories as a means to connect with the audience emotionally to quickly gain credibility and inspire folks through this. One powerful encounter was a meeting with a prominent local business owner.  After a meaningful conversation and a moment of self-discovery connecting a part of her story, she looked right at Chris and said "You should do this full time". 

That was the birth of the Story Connector. Since then Chris has gone on to guide many clients on how to connect with their own stories.