Nobody Has Your STory

Our idea is simple: Stories are the best way to inspire desire. Stories cut through the noise and make an emotional impact on your customers and employees that lasts. The science of stories to turn emotional intelligence into sales intelligence is proven. We are using stories to help connect your customers, employees, and most importantly, your bottom line. Think of it like having your own TED talk that makes you money.

The spark for Story Connector started when Chris Friesen realized how much guiding people to identify their true Joy powerfully focuses who their customer is. Then connecting the story of their customer to their sales through neuroscience based language increased sales and emotionally motivated customers and staff of the company. These stories became a strategic advantage, differentiating clients from their competition. Chris decided that Story Connector needed to become a service platform for everybody to be able to tell stories that inspire desire. Read Chris' founder story here.


"Every encounter - I leave inspired, enlightened and encouraged. Recently I engaged with Chris to have my story written, with hopes of discovering my 'IT' factor. I consider myself a fairly self-aware individual, however Chris was able to highlight many new insights for me during the Story Connector process. He was able to identify my purpose and key message to the world. I received tremendous clarity of my values, and a new found sense of purpose. The insights I received have given me confidence in making some crucial life decisions, knowing that I am being true to myself and my values. I recommend this process to absolutely everybody - seriously. It's not only a game changer - it's a life changer."
~ Katheryn Plaza, Profoud Impact Ltd.